The Chameleon Tree

The Chameleon tree – the tree that gives birth to trees

‘The Chameleon Tree’ is a sculpture project for the main lobby of the Ponta Delgada Library and Archive building. It’s the result of an invitation by the director of the Library, Carlos Guilherme Riley, inspired by Christmas. It was a remarkable challenge for the idea of tree is already present in my artistic creations was in ‘The Pose’ or ‘The Skirt’. ‘The Chameleon Tree’ is an open project, for it fulfils the role of the Christmas tree, with different interventions/props, and it is also a sculpture that may, by right, be patent to the public in other places of the Library during the other months of the year. There is no explicit connection between this sculpture and the traditional Christmas tree. Nevertheless, this is a festive tree, a commemoration, and it will change its look temporarily, presenting a natural mutation that is linked to the idea of ephemeral in contemporary art. There is room for other interventions on ‘The Chameleon Tree’ by means of props fitting its structure as long as its integrity, shape and colour are respected.

Sofia de Medeiros

A Christmas tree establishes a dialogue of awareness between the sculpture and the space of the Ponta Delgada Library and Archive, in the Azores.
The work invokes an artistic experience in which collective meanings that have to do with Christmas are extrapolated beyond the fetish object that a Christmas tree stands for, originating an open work, a work in progress, the result of a universe of chromatic transfigurations of the metal patchwork to join the uncertainty of marriage to uncertain materials.
This tree reposes in the time between Christmases and is reborn in each one, incorporated by new inhabitants, patchworks of other fables that, as the tree itself, adapt to the times and project themselves in the polychromic world, in the chameleon’s skin. There is, though, a certainty the artist shares with us. This tree is equal to itself, such as Christmases are.
Jorge Rocha, 2009